Amelia Cerezo Mojo Yoga Instructor

Amelia Cerezo
Studio Owner / Instructor

I’d like to think that my yoga and aerial practice started during recess at the age of 5. I could walk the steel balance beam forward and backward without falling, skip a steel hoop while swinging hand to hand on the trapeze rings and twirl on the monkey bar with a sweater tucked between my knee and the bar while I gripped my hands over my shin and used the force of my left leg to swing me round and round until I got dizzy. The only thing I wouldn’t do was the slide. I was too scared to climb the ladder bar which led to it. It was too high. My kindergarten teacher held my hand until I slid to the bottom. We did this twice. Her name was Mrs. Edwards. After that nothing could stop me. I used every contraption to make me slide down faster… tanbark, sitting on a sweater and no shoes just socks.

Today, as I adjust the hammocks to get ready for our aerial classes, I climb up an 8 ft. ladder to untwist the carabiner and lower the hammocks to hip level. Being able to offer aerial classes is exciting to me and I hope you’ll feel the same way too - just like my slide experience. What looks intimidating at first will calm you in the end. What turns you upside down will make you feel invigorated. What touches your skin will help you sink into a deep relaxation. What’s bottled up inside of you will gradually release as you let gravity claim you.

Mojo Yoga class offerings include Aerial Yoga (see class descriptions for different levels), Aerial Pilates, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Flow, Chair Yoga and Meditation classes. If you’re leading a fast paced life and want to step off the hamster wheel, step into one of our classes. Break the cycle and just breathe.

We hope you find the right fit. And if you don’t, we’ll recommend one of the many wonderful studios along the Peninsula that will.

My yoga practice started in 2001 when I stepped into my first Bikram yoga class. Since then, I received my 200 RYT from Avalon Yoga in Palo Alto, have trained with essential figures in Yin Yoga in the US and Canada, Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga Institute and Bernie Clark, teacher and author of the Complete Guide to Yin Yoga and received certification in Aerial Yoga from Pik Chu Wong, TYS, Campbell.