Kate Miller
Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga Instructor

Movement has always been an essential part of my life. As a competitive swimmer from age 10 through college, I found meditative solace in the hours of swimming back and forth. When my swimming career ended, I tried a yoga class and found that it grounded and calmed me in the same way. Yoga was merely one part of my fitness regimen for many years until I moved to Shanghai and found myself overwhelmed by a stressful job and life in a high intensity environment. During this time yoga became an integral part of my life, teaching me about self acceptance, managing expectations, and finding strength, wisdom, and quiet within.

As a recovering Type A personality, I was initially drawn to heated vinyasa and power yoga. Injuries, age, and introspection led me to appreciate (and prefer) a slower practice with a strong focus on alignment. I practiced prenatal yoga when pregnant with my daughter, Laila, and am convinced that it not only kept me fit and sane…it also helped me connect with my baby and prepared me for childbirth. Working with expecting and new moms is what I am most excited about. I love sharing the practice with women during this amazing time of transition, and facilitating a sense of community.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2014 with San Francisco’s Yoga Tree studio, and my Prenatal/Postpartum training in 2019 through Jane Austin’s MamaTree program. I’m so grateful to have so many talented teachers to learn from here in the Bay Area!