At Mojo Yoga, courtesy, cleanliness and comfort will make you and everyone around you happy during practice.  We ask that you follow the class etiquette below.


  • If you are a new student, please arrive 20 minutes before class to fill out the paperwork, familiarize yourself with the studio and set down your mat;
  • Unless you are “on-call”, please turn off your mobile phone before entering the studio; Silence is golden; Feel free to lie down in savasana, sit in silence or warm up your body before class;
  • If you find yourself running late, please enter quietly, the instructor will find a space for you where no one has to move their mat;
  • Should you need to depart early, please do so quietly so as not to disturb your fellow student in savasana.


  • Please avoid strongly scented perfumes and lotions;
  • Avoid makeup; especially on the Aerial silks;
  • Please remove rings, earrings and necklaces before any Aerial class as those items may damage hammocks;
  • Please remove your shoes before entering the studio;
  • We love walking barefoot on the beach but before class (especially Aerial) make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean. Foot wipes are available in our restroom;
  • For hygienic reasons, face towels are provided when placing our faces on bolsters.


  • Avoid practicing on a full stomach and come well hydrated to class;
  • Bring a mat, water bottle, face towel, and if you want, your own favorite prop;
  • Wear comfortable clothes in Yin, Restorative and Meditation classes. Layers are great; Avoid clothing that constricts breathing and comfort; Okay to wear socks to keep your feet warm;
  • For Aerial, yoga pants, fitted t-shirts are fine. Avoid zippers of any kind. Sleeveless tops and/or tanks are not recommended.